France TV is one of the major historical players in French television. It is the leading French audiovisual group, with a 28.3% audience share in 2017. In line with societal change, the group now provides a web platform for viewing replay programs. With this strategy, the group aims to reach a target group that is a major consumer of digital media: the millennia.

The business model of this platform is based on the monetization of programs through the sale of advertising space. So, users of the platform are often confronted with video ads that are broadcast during their program. The interruption of the program caused by these commercial breaks and their constant presence appears to many users to be an intrusive technique. So, a mistrust towards advertising has developed and the advertising overload on the platform seems to be a barrier for users of the platform.

Television is in constant motion

Advertising as well

« What are experiences and video advertising formats of tomorrow for a digital patform ? »

We have successfully redesigned the advertising

To find a solution to the problem, we created the Adlib concept which relocates advertising.




The AdLib’ concept is based on the premise that users of online platform has a feeling of being tracked, invaded by advertisements, which despite the removal of banner displays, remains to their taste too intrusive. AdLib’ is, therefore, a solution that gives the user control over the advertisements offered to him. Indeed, the user can choose the ads he or she watches from a panel of ads. These are proposed according to the following variables: gender, age, interests, etc. These data will be retrieved using the platform registration form (mandatory), but also using the Facebook data of the associated user (not mandatory).

The interest is, therefore, to offer increasingly personalized ads and thus offer advertising content that is as relevant and interesting as possible for the user. The user can choose to say whether or not he liked the advertisement with a thumb principle (positive or negative). However, this is optional, he can choose not to evaluate the advertisement. Thus, an advertisement that he did not like will no longer be offered to him.

The user can also relocate the viewing (from his smartphone, tablet, etc…). PointLib’s are therefore saved for later.

AdLib’ ads:

3/4 ads to choose from depending on the platform
1st and 2nd: depending on the user
3rd: depending on the film
4th: announcement highlighted

The gratification:

The number of pointsLib’ awarded per video viewed is influenced by few criteria:
Advertising time
The product
The advertiser’s investment.
The user can share the ad on the networks: he earns 2 additional PointLib’.

A longer ad grants more PointLib.
An advertisement paid more by the advertiser can bring more points to the user (because the user will find it easier to view an advertisement that gives more points).

The associated functionalities :

Possibility for the user to designate series / programs as favorites.

Notification: Notify the user on his phone, by the application, that a new series/episode of his favorite series is available.

Warn the user of the imminent appearance of an ad so that he or she is not surprised (when he or she no longer has enough Lib’ Points or none at all).