Mirage Festival


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  • Poster design
  • Julia Mas
  • Aurélie Terle
  • Pauline Barluet

In 2018, the exhibition focused on the theme of “Virtual Emotion”.

The Mirage Festival offers, through an ambitious and multidisciplinary programme, a panorama of digital cultures. To reflect the richness of this technology-enriched by contemporary creation, the festival offers a unique format based on an exhibition tour, evenings of performances and concerts.
In 2018, the exhibition focused on the theme of “Virtual Emotion”.


Instead of thinking humanely, we tried to put ourselves in the place of a computer. We then asked ourselves how can a robot imagine the emotion.
For him, emotion is nothing more than a superficial modification of the original state.
Since machines are not able to understand human psychological reactions, they are nothing more than changes in colour and texture.

So that’s what we imagined; the computer, a cold machine, which we have equipped with an imagination for this work, symbolizes these emotions by mixing heat and cold.
The human is then textured with a relatively neutral glossy black metal, without any representation of emotion.

As if without them we were nothing but dummies without flavour and life.
Then on the surface appears coloured materials that mix, creating a flow on the surface of man. The computer imagines our emotions as a projection, because it only imagines up to what it “knows”. An inner emotion is inconceivable to him. Emotion is only a superposition of materials and colour superimposed on an inert base. There are certain dimensions that a machine cannot see.

Our concept therefore images a mysterious mixture of coldness and warmth. It is both worrying and fascinating, as is the Mirage festival, which explores new possibilities in the world of technology and the virtual.
To make it a point of honour to focus on the multidisciplinary aspect of the festival, we wanted to work in several media, such as painting, photography, 3D and animation.

texture creation

During this work our key word was “mystery“, both to illustrate the theme of the subject and for the graphic effects we chose.
Emotion can be treated in a thousand ways. Associated with the enigmatic world of the virtual and robotics (for most visitors), we first chose to work our textures and colors with painting in order to give realism and to move away from the virtual world. Once it was mixed with smoothing medium and Silicone to give them a unique appearance, we placed them on canvases and took pictures.


We have selected the textures according to the feeling: colours, strength, atmosphere…

3D design and integration

3D rendering

The poster

We have chosen to highlight the informative elements in Black and White so that the texture is highlighted and not altered.

The Surt typography is very current and supports the innovative concept of the festival.

Only the name of the festival and the date are written in ultrabold because these are the information we wanted to put forward to attract the attention of passers-by, to intrigue them at first. The aim being to arouse curiosity, we broke the codes of previous editions. in order to create an intriguing and innovative poster.

To show by technical and graphic means that emotion can be treated virtually while highlighting the artistic side of the festival was very important for us.